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2018 Tax Returns Update – Families and Individuals

2018 Tax Returns Update – Property Investors & High Income earners

2018 Tax returns Update


Tax tips – Rental Properties : Claiming Travel expenses has changed

Tax tips – Superannuation Salary Sacrifice limits from 1 July 2017

Tax tips – Family Tax Benefit: End of year adjustments

Tax tips – Rental Properties : Claiming asset purchases



Tax and Super Newsletter

December 2018 Newsletter

  • ATO reminds on rental property ‘hot issue’
  • Do Employees Have a Right to Take Smoke Breaks?
  • How much power does an Enduring Power of Attorney have?
  • New flexible work ruling comes into force

November 2018 Newsletter

  • On-Farm Drought Infrastructure Grant
  • Identifying the early warning signs of insolvency
  • Update on the proposed Superannuation Guarantee Amnesty
  • To sell more, make it easier to purchase

October 2018 Newsletter

  • Changes to the Victorian Long Service Leave regime
  • How to spot and avoid a tax scam
  • New GST Withholding regime for property buyers
  • Can an SMSF receive gifts?

September 2018 Newsletter

  • Attention all car owners – you must declare what you share!
  • How much do we need to put aside for retirement?
  • Handling Employee Underpayments
  • Most Aussie parents frightened for children’s financial future

August 2018 Newsletter

  • When is a contractor not a contractor?
  • How an SMSF can acquire related residential property
  • ATO dispels top tax time myths to clients as clampdown rolls out
  • Smartphones are changing the way our brains work

July 2018 Newsletter

  • Council urged to share rates burden
  • New SMSF scam warns ATO
  • ATO to contact 1 million taxpayers over common mistakes
  • 2018 Annual Wage increase

June 2018 Newsletter

  • Last chance for employers to do the right thing with super
  • The top 7 EOFY Superannuation tips
  • Buying a home? You may need to withhold and remit GST
  • Easy ways to use less mobile data

May 2018 Newsletter

  • Government moves on new SG compliance powers, penalties
  • One third of SME’s are suffering from slow payer syndrome!
  • The myth of the Anzac Day break
  • Taxing digital products and low value goods
  • Making super contributions from 1 July 2017 – the rules have changed
  • Retiring? 10 tips for succession planning

April 2018 Newsletter

  • Wimmera saleyards switch to electronic tagging
  • What you need to know about Single Touch Payroll
  • 10 things to know about downsizer contributions
  • Trust vesting ‘rearing its ugly head’
  • “It is easier to change others, than to change yourself”
  • 6 good reasons to write your family constitution

March 2018 Newsletter

  • Satellite seen as poor NBN substitute
  • Are you prepared for the new Data Breach Notification Laws?
  • Million-dollar plus penalties introduced for cash economy cheats
  • Common errors with fuel tax credits

February 2018 Newsletter

  • Tariff Delivers Big Blow to Pulse Industry
  • NAB Survey: Retailers Suffer Through Xmas
  • Capital Works Deductions for Rental Properties
  • SMSFs Cautioned on Bitcoin Hype

January 2018 Newsletter

  • Is this Super oversight costing you thousands?
  • Single Touch Payroll: What you need to know now
  • How will the Downsizer Contributions work
  • How to give a private director the boot

December 2017 Newsletter

  • Employing Backpackers – What you need to know!
  • How will you pay for Aged Care
  • Annual ‘Close Down’ Period – What you need to know!
  • Top 10 tax tips for rental property owners
  • Ordinary Time Earnings – what’s included!
  • Outdated deeds a ticking time bomb

November 2017 Newsletter

  • Personal Property Securities Act
  • Truck Driver Meal Allowance Change
  • Superannuation Changes Summary
  • What you need to know about the NBN
  • SproutX – agriculture tech fund and start-up accelerator
  • And more

October 2017 Newsletter

  • Future of Agriculture
  • What’s wrong with retirement village contracts?
  • Guide to the First Home Super Saver Scheme
  • Parents must be cautious when lending to their kids
  • Ban on Excessive Payment Surcharging
  • Yes, sitting too long can kill you, even if you exercise

September 2017 Newsletter

  • ATO flags big intervention on SG non-compliance
  • Important things to look out for when entering into property transactions
  • Vendor beware: proof required that seller is not a foreign investor
  • Avoid opening Pandora’s box with BDBNs

August 2017 Newsletter

  • Employing Holiday Makers Changes
  • Know Your SMSF Trustee Obligations
  • Mandatory Data Breach Rules
  • Regional Payroll Tax Cuts
  • And more

July 2017 Newsletter

  • Minimum Wage increase – 1 July
  • State budget Proposals Passed
  • Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time
  • What Does Single Touch Payroll Mean?
  • And more

June 2017 Newsletter

  • Small Business Fair Payment Code
  • Plant and Equipment Depreciation Changes for residential Property
  • Payroll Tax Changes: Winners & Losers
  • Victorian Vacant Residential Property Tax
  • And more

May 2017 Newsletter

  • Wettest April since 2001
  • Education Grants through Skills First Program
  • Amazon pioneers on-demand clothing
  • ATO to release debt information
  • And more

April 2017 Newsletter

  • What you need to know about the new Company Tax Rate
  • 7 Point Deceased Estate Checklist
  • Single Touch Payroll – What does it mean?
  • Stamp Duty changes to impact property developers & investors
  • And more

March 2017 Newsletter

  • Primary Production News
  • Small Business CGT Concessions
  • GST on low value imported goods
  • This 100 Year old To Do List Still Works like a Charm
  • And more

February 2017 Newsletter

  • Primary Production News
  • Top Tips for Investors
  • Retailers Expecting Shake Up from Amazon
  • How to Get Your Kids to 18

January 2017 Newsletter

  • Employers of working holiday makers
  • FMD Offset Accounts
  • A simpler BAS for small business
  • Centrelink rule changes-1 January 2017
  • Major bank finds Aussies have grim retirement hopes

Tax News Issue 67 – December 2016

  • Extend the festive cheer (but in a tax efficient way)
  • Home office deductions: What substantiation will the ATO accept?
  • SMSFs need to prepare for the new transfer balance cap
  • Shopping for a ‘luxury’ car? Beware of the luxury car tax
  • Does your SMSF need a valuation?
  • Christmas party decision tree

Tax News Issue 66 – November 2016

  • Don’t let a tax debt put you in a spin
  • 5 tips to get home office deductions right
  • SMSF compliance for 2016/-17
  • Getting a tax valuation from the ATO

Tax News Issue 65 – October 2016

  • Travel to a workplace: What’s in, what’s out
  • Controversial super change scrapped — but other proposals need to be watched
  • General facts about winding up your business
  • Start-up businesses: Which is the right structure for you?

Tax News Issue 64 – September 2016

  • $20,000 write off is only available for small business, unless…
  • What types of legal expenses are allowable as tax deductions?
  • Borrowed money to pay a business tax debt? Is the interest deductible?
  • Setting up an SMSF: What you need to know
  • When is refinancing loan interest deductible to a partnership?

Tax News Issue 63 – August 2016

  • Gumboots? check, Akubra? check, tax status?….
  • Renting out part or all of your home
  • SMSF trustee with the travel bug? How to keep your fund compliant
  • 5 smart things to do with your tax refund
  • I’m a volunteer. Any taxing issues?
  • ATO’s key results in 2014-15

Tax News Issue 62 – July 2016

  • Home renovations: Overlooked tax deductions for investors
  • Novated leases explained
  • Purchasers to become tax collectors on real estate post-1 July
  • Be prepared: What you need to bring to your tax return appointment
  • Tips to spot a scam (and what to do)
  • SMSF trustees: Non-arm’s length LRBA grace period extended
  • Work-related deductions: What’s on the taxman’s radar?

Tax News Issue 61 – June 2016

  • Last-minute tax planning tactics for individuals
  • Top 7 tax tips for investors
  • Hiring older workers? The Restart program explained
  • SMSFs: Individual or corporate trustee?
  • Trust essentials

Tax News Issue 60 – May 2016

  • FBT exemptions under the radar
  • Amending your activity statement
  • Can your summer holiday house be turned into a tax advantage?
  • Considerations if your employee wants to salary package
  • SMSF trustees: Don’t let “cognitive decline” sneak up on you

Tax News Issue 59 -April-2016

  • Death benefit nominations for your SMSF
  • Considering a change of structure for your small business?
  • Boats, planes, cars, horses … Data matching to uncover wealth
  • Work-related travel expenses: Why are they on the ATO’s radar?
  • The “I hadn’t thought of that” business essential: Succession planning

Tax News Issue 58 -March-2016

  • Employers: Beware “left-field” FBT liabilities
  • Rental properties: ATO focus on “initial repairs”
  • When can your SMSF’s benefits be paid?
  • Get your “personal service income” affairs in order for 2016
  • Going from sole trader to company

Tax & Super Update – February 2016

  • Got your car log book ready?
  • Claiming business website development costs
  • Save health and tax, with a salary-sacrificed e-bike
  • Understanding limited recourse borrowing arrangements
  • Fly-in, fly-out? No more zone tax offset

Tax & Super Update – December 2015

  • Building a new home? Is it exempt from CGT?
  • Have you thought about the small business pool write-off?
  • New company tax franking implications
  • What is adjusted taxable income and why you might need to know
  • Tax and cyber security: Are you prepared?

Tax & Super Update – November 2015

  • 5 Tips for a Tax-Free Christmas Work Party
  • Property Transactions: Got an Appropriate Valuation?
  • Tax-Free Life Policy Bonuses
  • Are you a Company Director? Better Brush Up on Your Responsibilities
  • Deductibility of training course fees provided to employees
  • Winding up your SMSF? A list of do’s and don’ts
  • Tips to beat bracket creep

Tax & Super Update – October 2015

  • Taxing the ‘sharing economy’
  • Rental Property claims that are often misunderstood
  • Tax Office to data match credit card purchases against declared income
  • Booster strategy for your GST credit claims
  • Potholes to watch on the SMSF road to retirement wealth

Tax & Super Update – September 2015

  • Leaving Australia for Work? Beware of your tax residency status
  • Tax concessions for small business
  • Making an amendment to your tax return
  • If you think the taxman is wrong, here’s what you can do
  • Top 5 avoidable tax mistakes small business owners keep making
  • Taxing children’s savings accounts: Whose money is it?