I can’t afford a business coach!

This is a common complaint. Many business owners recognise the value that bringing in an expert can provide but lack the funds to do so.

The best results will come from one on one mentoring from a specialist business coach so I would strongly urge you to plan ahead to ensure coaching is in your budget. But in the meantime there are a few options you can consider in the meantime.

  1. Books / Audio CDs: At around $40 each or $15 for the Kindle version then books by leading authors are a relatively inexpensive way to up-skilling in areas you are interested in. Most book retailers have customer feedback which makes it easy to avoid buying dud material.
  2. eBooks: These tend to be much shorter and more targeted than books and are often free so they are great for increasing knowledge on a budget. The only downside is anyone can produce an ebook, as there is no publisher vetting poor material so you many quickly get overwhelmed with the quantity of ebooks that don’t quite hit the mark.
  3. eNewsletters: Subscribing to a blog or e-newsletter has the convenience of having (generally free) articles delivered straight to your Inbox. To avoid having your Inbox full each morning with articles find just one or two subscriptions that work for you. If you are getting little benefit unsubscribe and try a different one as the choice seems limitless.
  4. Commerce Groups: Most towns or regions have a commerce group of some description such as Business Horsham. These organisations are formed to help their members by providing subsidized training and network opportunities which you can use to gain valuable business development knowledge.
  5. Webinars: A popular form of education is via webinars. These are often free or at a reasonable price due to the relatively low overheads in producing. Just be aware that these can be hyped up and the final product does not always meet your expectations so it may pay to stick with reputable providers.

If you chose to use the above mentioned resources just be careful not get distracted by having too many resources, with too many varying strategies as you will soon be running around in circles.

Books and webinars will get you so far but I am yet to hear of a world champion in any field that achieved greatness without the guidance of a good coach!


Richard Kemp – Watts Price Accountants
E: richardk@wattsprice.com.au

The advice provided on this Article is general advice only. It has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs.