Marketing – Why Develop Case Studies?

Potential buyers are becoming more immune to marketing jargon, catchy taglines and sellers claims, as a result it is even harder to persuade people to trust you or your product. One way to help prove your value is through the use of a case study.

Tips to writing a compelling case studyCase studies are an effective promotional tool. They are especially useful when your products and services are intangible or expensive or technical or provide benefits that are not instantaneously derived upon purchase. They also inform potential customers of the great experiences of other customers’ with your product or service.

  1. Find a client that is willing to write a case study or be the subject of a case study.
  2. Ensure the client experienced phenomenal results from working with you or from one of your products.
  3. Start the case study with a compelling headline. One that is either results driven or easily identifies what’s in it for the reader.
  4. Look to have a short summary in the first paragraph. Outline the problem and the solution in a sentence or two.
  5. Explain the problem faced by the customer in some detail, without the overuse of jargon.
  6. Outline the solution you provided to solve the clients problem.
  7. Quantify the results (what did the client gain). Revenue growth was x, inquiries increased by y, costs fell by z etc
  8. Provide a table, graph or picture that clearly illustrates the benefits provided to the customer.
  9. Try and be specific. A case study that addresses a specific problem is far more likely to be effective than one that has been diluted with too many issues.
  10. Make it readable. The final document needs to be easy to read for your target audience, this means not being too technical, not overdoing the supporting statistics or illustrations and being free of confusing jargon.
  11. Ideally your case study will be between 300 and 500 words.

The long term benefit of writing an impressive case study is that they stand out. Your case study will be seen as a credible and reliable source of information and make the decision-makers think that this is the type of company they would like to do business with.

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Richard Kemp – Watts Price Accountants

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