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To me it seems that in this modern age there are just so many distractions   that we easily lose focus on what is really important to us. Our personal lives and our career advancement are often affected by just how well we manage the tasks we assign ourselves. As we cannot manufacture extra time in a day we need to look at how we manage the time we have better to ensure we achieve the things that really matter to us.

Success and growth in your career will be the result of a commitment to better time management.

Here are a few tips to help you manage your workload so you can make the most of your time and skills.

Know what is important to you

Effective time management is about managing yourself not time. So look at the things that are important to you in business and your personal life and devote your time to these, the rest can wait or be eliminated.

Make a list

Create a daily to-do list and update it regularly. Then, break down the larger tasks into smaller actionable points. Next set deadlines for each task, then prioritise each according to its urgency. Then set realistic  timeframes for task completion.

Now that you know what your tasks are and when they are due, allocating the time you have to the tasks that deserve it most will be easier.

Create an efficient environment

It’s so easy to get distracted, so for effective time management create a productive work environment. This might be as simple as creating a clearly designated in-tray for your desk.

Organise your desk and computer so that all files and paperwork has its place and no time is wasted scouring for lost information.

Look to set up ‘no contact’ times where the phone is turned off, your email inbox is closed and your door is closed. Look for at least an hour a day so that those urgent tasks can have your undivided attention.

Goal setting

Check your to-do list and decide which two or three tasks you want to cross off today. By setting actionable and time-sensitive daily goals, the hours you spend working on them will be more driven.

Keep an eye on the clock. If one task is eating up all your time, and it is not essential, take a step back and think of the bigger picture – what can you do to complete this task within a reasonable time period so that it doesn’t compromise other more pressing tasks?

The 4 Ds of time management

To truly manage your time effectively you have to look at the tasks that need doing and decide how to handle them. For this you can use the four Ds of self-management. These are:

* Do it – This cannot wait and needs to be taken care of now.

* Delegate it – Not the best use of your time. Pass it on to someone else.

* Dump it – Anything that is unimportant now and in the future. Bin it.

* Defer it – Something for the ‘to do’ pile. Come back to it later.

Most, if not all, of the tasks and activities in your day can be put into one of these categories. Try to identify the time wasters that are holding you back and eliminate them from your life.

These were just a few tips to get you started. Remember, each of these small steps will bring you closer to your vision and leave you with time to do all of the things you want each day.


Richard Kemp – Watts Price Accountants
E: richardk@wattsprice.com.au

The advice provided on this Article is general advice only. It has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs.