Top Home Based Businesses

Home based businesses are becoming increasingly more popular. With technical innovation over the last decade working from home has become a far more viable option for many.

Here are a few reasons why being a home based entrepreneur is becoming so appealing:

  • More family involvement: A home business provides a great opportunity for the family to get involved. Husbands and wives can share responsibilities, children get to see their parents working and the family can spend more time together.
  • More personal freedom: By working from home there are no bosses standing over you, less rigid deadlines and no set start and finishing times. Through good time management and a little discipline the convenience of working at home can make a huge change to your personal freedom.
  • Less stress: The flexibility that working from home offers can help reduce the stress of the usual work/life balance commitments. No sitting in traffic or on busy commuter trains, no need to rush home to make an important dinner engagement and no office politics to get you worked up.
  • Create a competitive advantage: One of the key advantages of working from home is the reduced overhead costs. Businesses that rent space need to recoup these costs and this provides the opportunity to provide more competitive prices to your customers.
  • Set your own priorities & goals: Working from home means no more repressive office culture, strict protocols, office politics, company goals to obtain that don’t align with your own or strict job descriptions. Set your own goals, priorities and make your own rules to suit your lifestyle and business.
  • Exploit tax advantages: There are a number of advantages in using your home as a place of work in the form of tax deductions. To get a better understanding of what deductions are available talk to the team at Watts Price & Associates.

The Top 25 Home Based Business Ideas

  1. Personal trainer
  2. Yoga instructor
  3. Tutoring
  4. Business coaching
  5. Consulting
  6. Medical and legal transcription
  7. Medical claims billing
  8. Accounting
  9. Web design
  10. Senior care services
  11. Photography
  12. Home inspection
  13. Remodeling
  14. Interior design
  15. Catering or personal chef
  16. Gift baskets
  17. Wedding or event planner
  18. Personal shopper
  19. Concierge service
  20. Custom jewellery creation
  21. Computer repair
  22. Cleaning service
  23. Carpet cleaning service
  24. Mobile pet grooming
  25. Child-care services

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Richard Kemp – Watts Price Accountants

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