Ways to Increase Employee Satisfaction

Over the years a number of surveys have been produced outlining the benefits of having an engaged, enthusiastic and energised workforce. The happier your team members are the more likely your business is to succeed.

We have all been in a shop at some point where a staff member has failed to engage or acknowledge us, they have looked bored out of their brains and have made no effort to assist us and as a result we walk out and try our luck elsewhere.  Now if we assume that everyone walking into that shop that day had a similar experience then this lack of engagement is costing your business money.

Organisations benefit greatly from having committed staff. Improved staff morale, increased customer loyalty, greater productivity, increased staff involvement and reduced staff turnover are just a few of the benefits.

Here are a 10 great tips on how to improve staff satisfaction and in turn improve bottom line performance:

  1. Start by measuring employee satisfaction so you have a basis to work from. In larger businesses this may need to be done via a structured method such as an internal or online For smaller organisations a more personal touch might be more appropriate.
  2. Employees want to feel that they are contributing at work and making a difference so develop mechanisms to elicit feedback i.e. regular strategic or team meetings. Once they share those ideas, acknowledge the contribution.
  3. Employees need training to do their job confidently so provide regular soft and technical training.
  4. A mentoring program can facilitate employee satisfaction by providing guidance, training and to help recognise issues as they arise. If issues arise resolve them quickly .
  5. Team building activities are great for building unity and for developing understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Open communication and access to management are highly regarded by employees. An ‘open door policy’ and spending time getting to know your employee’s builds trust and loyalty.
  7. With advances in technology there are many repetitive processes that could be automated to help improve productivity and employee satisfaction.
  8. Ensure that each employee’s position description is accurate so they know what is expected of them and if any performance standards are required of the role they are reasonable.
  9. If you have a reward system in place, make sure that it is fair.
  10. Be a positive and pro-active leader. Be organised, don’t be seen to favour some employee’s over others, develop others, create a fun work environment and know when to seek help.

Engaged employees are the most loyal and productive so ensure you develop a business culture that provides respect, recognition and reward as essential motivators.

If you feel that your employees are not engaged there are a number of areas that Watts Price Accountants can assist you with. For a free consultation of your needs contact us today on 03 5382 3001 or at richardk@wattsprice.com.au.


Richard Kemp – Watts Price Accountants
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The advice provided on this Article is general advice only. It has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs.