Where have all the good salespeople gone?

I don’t wish to labour on about great customer service but it seems that every day I encounter experiences that leave me bewildered.

With increased competition from e-commerce stores offering similar goods at unbeatable prices the survival of our local community stores becomes more and more reliant on convenience and more importantly, great customer service.

Interestingly a recent survey stated that 80% of business owners believed that they supplied exceptional customer service yet only 8% of consumers believed they received exceptional service.

This doesn’t surprise me at all. Less than 40% of businesses admit to providing adequate training in sales skills and of those that do it is primarily around product knowledge rather than sales skills.

So it’s no wonder you are never approached in stores anymore or staff can’t answer simple questions without running off to find product sheets.

So I finish my last rant for the year with a plea to local businesses. Please, please train your staff on how to solve customer’s problems or watch all your ‘local dollars’ going to nameless internet competitors.

As this is the last issue for the year, from all the team at Watts Price Accountants

Richard Kemp – Watts Price Accountants
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