Why Bother with Website Analytics

If you are looking to generate leads or make sales from your website then tracking your web traffic is essential. There are a number of programs, some free, that allow you to do some powerful analysis on what is working and what isn’t on your site.

Visitor reports will show you how many people are visiting your site, what pages are being viewed and the length of time they are staying. These are essential in monitoring the success of your web marketing strategy.

Keyword reports will let you know what words visitors are using in search engines to find your site. This information would be essential if looking to invest in Google Adwords to ramp up your web marketing campaign or for refining your site’s keywords.Traffic source reports can show you where traffic is coming from. Are they using search engines, being directed from other sites (know which sites are referring you i.e. Google, yellow pages, local business directories etc) or are they typing your name directly into the address bar. This will help you decide where to invest your marketing efforts.

Top Content reports will highlight which pages get the most traffic so you can understand what is motivating visitors to visit your site.

So here are some of the key metrics explained that a good website monitoring tool can deliver:

  • Visits: The number of visits to your site during a given time period.
  • Page views: The number of pages these visitors viewed.
  • Pages/Visit: The average visit in terms of page views.
  • Bounce Rate: The percentage of people who only visited one page on your site before they “bounced” somewhere else. (Often as a result of people realizing that your site wasn’t what they were looking for, or you may have a popular image indexed by Google’s Image Search or alternatively, it may represent that your site is difficult to navigate for new visitors.)
  • Avg. Time on Site: The average amount of time a visitor spends at your site.
  • % of New Visits: The percentage of new visitors to your site as compared to all visitors. Some businesses might want lots of new traffic, while others might want generate repeat visits, driving down this percentage.

Tip: If you are going to use any web statistics monitoring program then Google Analytics is worth a serious look. Google Analytics leads the field when it comes to website traffic monitoring and best of all it’s free! It is easy to set up and will start collecting data soon after you implement it. You can track just about everything.

Alternatively you could try:

  • AWStats
  • Mint
  • Clicky
  • Site Meter

If you believe this information could assist you with your web marketing then talk to your web developer or web host today.

Richard Kemp – Watts Price Accountants
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