WPA Footy Tipping Competition

As a valued client of Watts Price Accountants we invite you to join our 2018 footy tipping competition. The new footy season is fast approaching with Round 1 commencing Thursday week – 22nd March with the traditional Richmond v Carlton clash!

If you would like to join, all you need to do is click on the AFL tipping link within the AFL website http://tipping.afl.com.au/home.jsp

Anyone joining AFL Tipping for the first time will need to register.

Once logged in, click on the “COMPS” tab , then click on the ‘Join a Comp’ icon.  To join the Watts Price Accountants competition, type in the ‘Comp code’ which is NF5LR4SM and click on search, as shown below:

Footy Tipping Competition

You have now completed your entry & you will receive a confirmation e-mail from AFL tipping.


The entry fee this season will be at $ 30 (i.e. $ 1 for each of the 23 rounds and $ 7 extra to include in the weekly jackpots).


Jackpot Rounds (all rounds except 12 – 14 “the bye rounds” with less than 9 games played)

The weekly jackpot at this stage will be $ 5 per week for correctly tipping all nine winners and accumulates until a someone tips all 9 winners. (if multiple tipsters tip 9 the margin will not be counted and the Jackpot shared)

End of Season Prizes

$Amounts will depend on number of entrants. (however there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th) your margin will count and determine you overall position.


Margin will count towards your overall position, so choose wisely.

In relation to weekly Jackpot winners,

  • if multiple tipsters tip 9, the margin will not be counted and the Jackpot shared
  • In the event of a draw in a round, the Jackpot will not go off, because there needs to be 9 winners
  • Any accumulated Jackpot funds not won after Round 23, will be added to the end of season Prize pool proportionally.


  • Please register by Thursday 22nd March 5.00pm; and
  • Pay your entry fee of $30 by Friday 11th May 2018 (start on Round 8).

To pay, simply drop into our office to pay the fee at reception (preferred), or you can transfer the funds electronically to our account with the narration TIPPING INSERT YOUR NAME, please contact our office for banking details if you would like to use this method

Any questions or if you need help registering, please contact Tony Sampson (tonys@wattsprice.com.au) or Laurie Liston (lauriel@wattsprice.com.au) at Watts Price Accountants (03) 5382 3001.


Good luck!