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Tax and Super Newsletter

February 2020 Newsletter

  • AUSkey to be retired at the end of March 2020
  • Assistance for retirees: 20 useful tips
  • $230 million of superannuation to be paid under SG Amnesty
  • Why the kids are coming home
  • What are the different types of loans?
  • What happens to super when a relationship breaks down?

January 2020 Newsletter

  • Primary Producers – Luxury Car Tax Refund
  • $10,000 limit on cash payments
  • Cash-flow Woes Continue to Drive Insolvencies
  • The Granting of Probate & Finalising of an Estate
  • Should your SMSF have an Individual or Corporate trustee?
  • The Top 5 Signs an Employee is About to Quit

December 2019 Newsletter

  • A taxing question — superannuation and permanent disablement
  • Small-Scale and Craft Program
  • Hiring a Contractor?
  • Government takes lead on e-invoicing with 5-day payment terms
  • Avoiding the age pension through property

November 2019 Newsletter

  • What is Salary Sacrifice and is it still relevant?
  • Why Self Care is Key and Tips On Improving Your Emotional Wellbeing
  • Bankruptcy: can creditors take your super?
  • 5 Tips to Avoid Going Broke Before Payday

October 2019 Newsletter

  • Employee or independent contractor: What happens when it goes wrong?
  • Low and middle income tax offset
  • Seven major trends affecting Australians in retirement
  • The 5C’s of credit: What banks & lenders look for

September 2019 Newsletter

  • Deferred farm income – The sleeping giant?
  • Tradies: Some tax claims pivot on how you operate
  • SMSFs a value-add for rural clients
  • Victoria’s new Portable Long Service Scheme

August 2019 Newsletter

  • Fraud prevention tips for your small business
  • CGT exemption on inherited homes
  • Keep your SMSF records – but which ones?
  • The Importance of Getting the Superannuation Guarantee Correct!

July 2019 Newsletter

  • Common Car Expense Claim Questions Answered
  • First Home Super Saver Changes
  • SMSFs Spared from New STP Obligations
  • FairWork Surprise Audits Occurring in Regional Australia

June 2019 Newsletter

  • Farm Business Assistance Program provides $2,500 support
  • IT, Road Freight & Security added to Taxable Payments Reporting in 2019
  • Single Touch Payroll to affect all employers
  • SMSFs reminded on deadline with protecting your super measures
  • Fair Work lifts minimum wage by 3% from 1st of July
  • What’s on the table when you buy or sell a business?

May 2019 Newsletter

  • Family Business in Crisis: Who will take over as Baby Boomers retire?
  • 4,500 taxpayers set for rental property audit
  • Strategies if franking credit refunds stop
  • 19k employers, $100m in SG declared during proposed SG amnesty period

April 2019 Newsletter

  • Why business owners must understand the liquidation process
  • Rabobank Rural Confidence Survey: Victorian farmers buck trend
  • McDonald’s Worker Smoking Before Shift Successfully Claims For Leg Injury
  • Labor’s superannuation and related proposals

March 2019 Newsletter

  • Beware the legal pitfalls of employees working from home
  • 5 Tax effective renovations for your investment property
  • Potential problems with pension payments
  • Beware super guarantee leave loading issues

February 2019 Newsletter

  • Government to extend instant asset write-off
  • The definitive answer on the rent v buy debate
  • Popular loan structure for couples prompts warning
  • Reviewing the SMSF document chain

January 2019 Newsletter

  • Setbacks of succession: Future of farming in the Wimmera explored
  • Guide to making motor vehicle expense claims
  • Passing Control of Discretionary Trusts to the Next Generation
  • Can you ask that? Illegal interview questions revealed

December 2018 Newsletter

  • ATO reminds on rental property ‘hot issue’
  • Do Employees Have a Right to Take Smoke Breaks?
  • How much power does an Enduring Power of Attorney have?
  • New flexible work ruling comes into force

November 2018 Newsletter

  • On-Farm Drought Infrastructure Grant
  • Identifying the early warning signs of insolvency
  • Update on the proposed Superannuation Guarantee Amnesty
  • To sell more, make it easier to purchase

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