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Tax and Super Newsletter

February 2024 Newsletter

  • Stage 3 Tax Cuts: How the Changes Affect You
  • Major ATO change to ‘protect’ taxpayers
  • Skills you’ll need to be an effective leader
  • Victorian Property Tax Changes from 1 Jan 2024
  • Picking your retirement point
  • 3 effective ways to improve employee engagement

January 2024 Newsletter

  • Annual tax on commercial and industrial property from 01/07/24
  • $392 million Industry Growth Program open for business
  • My trustee has lost capacity – now what?
  • Tough times hit regional businesses
  • ACCC lays down 8 principles for green claims by business
  • How to increase productivity during the Christmas downtime
  • El Niño, commodity prices depress farm confidence
  • Save on tax with Education Bonds

December 2023 Newsletter

  • ATO recoups $684m in unpaid super
  • Testamentary Trusts – Benefits and Pitfalls
  • The Sharing Economy Reporting Regime: What Does it Mean For Me?
  • Why it’s important to retire with purpose
  • The interview questions employers shouldn’t ask you
  • Employers Beware Of The Hasty And In The Heat Of The Moment Resignation
  • How to invest for your kids
  • Woman jailed for pocketing $70k in illegal GST claims

November 2023 Newsletter

  • ATO flags small business tax debt, SG as key focus areas for FY23–24
  • Staffing over the holiday season: What’s legal and what’s not?
  • How your super will be taxed when you die
  • Draft legislation for tax on members with more than $3m in super
  • Employers are ‘oblivious’ to casual employee rights
  • Are you paying tax by not starting a super pension?

October 2023 Newsletter

  • Small Business Technology Investment Boost
  • Who needs the Caymans? 10 ways to avoid paying tax
  • How Victoria sows uncertainty with land Windfall Gains Tax
  • 88% of employers support a shortened work week: Here’s why
  • Top 10 SMSF property questions (and answers)
  • Accommodation owners slam Victorian Airbnb tax
  • $20k instant asset write-off to get 1-year extension
  • What are the steps to creating an action plan for implementing solutions?

September 2023 Newsletter

  • HECS/HELP debt repayment threshold changes
  • Tax penalty amnesty: 7,200 small businesses come forward
  • Understanding your ‘Small Business Restructure’ options
  • Shocking amount you need to retire in Australia
  • Metanomics: Coming to a virtual store near you
  • What to consider when paying for a nursing home

August 2023 Newsletter

  • Why am I getting a bill from the ATO this tax time?
  • Top HR FAQs answered
  • Minimum pension drawdown rates and calculator
  • Workplace culture: What employees are looking for
  • Technology investment boost and skills/training boost
  • How to manage employee warnings
  • Business payment defaults ‘surge to record high’
  • State payroll tax-free threshold changes & more

July 2023 Newsletter

  • What you need to know about the minimum wage increase
  • Aussies set to get $1500 less back in tax returns this year
  • ATO late lodgement leniency for small business
  • Cheque yourself: No more cheques by 2030
  • ATO acts against foreign worker exploitation
  • Don’t let personal guarantees lead to bankruptcy

June 2023 Newsletter

  • 2023-24 Federal Budget
  • Top 7 myths about employment law
  • Navigating grey divorce
  • Victorian State Budget: Driving down the Deficit
  • How to stay on top of payroll and avoid underpaying staff
  • Tax Planning for Individuals 2023
  • ATO crackdown: Rental Property Investors & workers targeted
  • A guide to nailing difficult conversations

May 2023 Newsletter

  • Think twice before forcing employees to work on public holidays
  • Repairs vs Improvements
  • Should you give your children their inheritance before you die?
  • 7 Ways to Raise Capital in Your Business
  • 3 big tax issues in family law property settlement to keep an eye on
  • The low-and-middle-income tax offset ceases 30 June

April 2023 Newsletter

  • What is the Windfall Gains Tax?
  • Interest Paid on Early Tax Payments
  • Instant Write set to end 30 June 2023 – Brings Uncertainty
  • Millions of Aussies to get Centrelink Payment Boost
  • Property Ownership in SMSFs – The Rules
  • Special extra tax for $3m super balances
  • Retiring Young, is 50 the new 65?
  • SMSF Members Should Have an Enduring Power of Attorney

March 2023 Newsletter

  • PPSR: Protection against debtor insolvency
  • How Paid Family & Domestic Violence Leave will work
  • ATO scraps working-from-home shortcut: ‘Keep detailed records’
  • The industries worst affected by talent shortages and how the government can help
  • How to be perfectly franked and pay no tax
  • Selling or exiting your small business: What it means for your tax

February 2023 Newsletter

  • Changes to the Australian Workplace Laws
  • Sick Pay Guarantee for Specified Occupations
  • Know Your Retail Leasing Obligations
  • Thousands of Aussies Eligible for $5,000 Cash Boost
  • Grants to Grow Your Business in 2023
  • 10 Common Mistakes Executors Make

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