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Here’s what some of our clients had to say!

Capital Gains Tax Minimised!

Thank you Gabi for letting us know you have been successful in obtaining the maximum capital gains tax concessions and we thank you very much for your confidence, expertise and persistence in pursuing this for us” – Len and Susie Barber

Business Health Checks

“Brians passion for improving your business is obvious and no matter who you are, everyone will learn something from this experience”

Gavin Morrow – One Zero Communication

Tax Planning

“Great session today, took some of the ‘fear’ away, we had 45 minutes of insightful, productive and sharing of knowledge. This opened our eyes to the potential pitfalls of the investment/rental property world which will have saved us tens of thousands of dollars. You have ‘empowered’ us to take the next step and enter the property world, thanks for your time, much appreciated.”
Malcolm Schier – Schier Cabinet Makers


Tax & Property

“Good information re case studies, helped with the explanations.” – Rob & Jenny Macfarlane

“As a first time investor, great seminar and great first step.” – Daryl Tepper

“It has reviewed many facets of property and taxation issues. We have been to many property seminars over the years, this has been by far the most comprehensive. Case studies excellent.” – Andrew & Mandy Brown

“Great information over a number of topics.” – Leanne Lewis

“This seminar was worthwhile as I was able to get a broader understanding of the tax implications of owning rental property.” – Anonymous

Business Development Workshop

“The program is exactly what we want to build a strategic Business Plan and involve our team”.

“Brian and Richard developed a great plan for us to work on our business, it was very relevant and team building”.

“What I liked most was the content was appropriate to our workplace and it got the employees involved in a positive manner allowing expression of honesty”.

“This workshop was worthwhile as it got the whole team together as a real team for once”.

“The team interaction was great and I feel that everyone is on the same page and ready to move forward”.

“I have learnt things, even after 15 years in this job”.

“I think everyone had a chance to have a ‘voice’ within the business and to have an input into making our workplace better overall”.


Financial Management Review

“Our organisation entered into an agreement with Watts Price Accountants for the past twelve months. Watts Price reviewed our current financial management during this time. This review resulted in new processes and budgeting being introduced in a timely manner. The Accountants were always available for any queries and followed up any actions required. Meetings were always conducted in a professional manner and availability was never an issue.

Watts Price Accountants have brought us up to a level that now allows us to manage our own financial property in a more efficient manner.”

Wally Coleman


Goolum Goolum Aboriginal Co-operative


Compliance Services

“Confidence in Watts Price professional attention to detail resulting in getting things right first up”. Rea O’Connor

“The Watts Price team have served my needs to my and above my expectations”. Murray McKenzie

“The promptness with information when asked is excellent”. Craig & Tracey Stewart

“I am always treated with the utmost respect and the staff are always very friendly”. J. Adams

“Watts Price ensure that I understand everything and provide pro-active advice on what I should be doing.” David Hosking

“The Watts Price staff are pleasant and approachable. It is easy to discuss our business concerns with them.” Sally Bertram

“Keep up the good work fellas”. Robert & Helen Pettit

“We are very satisfied with the professionalism and presentation of the Watts Price team. We have peace of mind knowing that our returns are properly lodged”. AH & RM Barnes

“Watts Price always provide professional advice in a timely manner”. Don & Liz McRae

“I have always been impressed with the help I have received over many years”. Jeanette Sudholz

“We are totally satisfied with your successful, professional and friendly accounting service provided to us”. Dennis & Jenny Jones

“The Watts Price team are available to discuss concerns / ideas at any time, not just tax time. Thank you!” Leanne Scott

“I appreciate the personal touch and being able to talk to my accountant at short notice about issues that arise from time to time”. Michael Cook

“The Watts Price staff have a friendly attitude at all times and they are alwys helpful and efficient”. F & M Petering

“Everyone is friendly and happy to help”. Jenny Repper

“Watts Price has friendly staff that explain issues in an easy to understand way”. Charmaine Koenig

Farm Benchmarking

Listed below are a few reasons why we appreciate the facility of ‘Bench Marking’ offered to clients by this accounting firm.

  • How do our results compare with Watts Price clients across the Wimmera
  • Agronomy costs compared to the Top 20%
  • Repairs to older machinery against new equipment costs
  • Higher input costs are a fact of agriculture in 2006 and beyond. How will the Top 20% manage the increases.
  • Can we maintain profit margins with rising costs of fuel and fertilizer.

Bench Marking’ allows us to focus on real comparisons and allow us to see clearly where we are heading. These comparisons bring to our attention issue we may not have observed before, and in turn impacts on our future decisions.

If our results are not as they should be in comparison with the Top 20% we have a ’barometer’ to gauge our business.

This also works in the opposite way when seeing our results are comparable with the Top 20%.

John & Anne Uebergang (Natimuk)


Working On Your Business Presentations

“Brian’s enthusiasm is contagious, I would love to be locked in a room with him for a day” – SO

“Valuable information to take back and improve our business” – HH

“Great presentation, we will certainly be able to use the ideas in our office” – CR

“A good thought provoking session allowing people to follow-up in more detail areas particularly relevant to their business problems” – AB

“Great night to make you think about what you are doing now, then and going forward” – AG

“Well worth the effort, the more information given the better!” – MS

“Cemented in my mind on key factors to evaluate in my business and basic strategies to put in place” – RB

“Always take something away. Good to get different perspectives and outlooks” – WM

“If has reinforced what already do and given ideas for areas of improvement – WB

“It reminds me that I have to continually work on my business” – RB

“Brian is a star. Motivational. Honest. Confrontational. Supportive. Visionary” – LP

“I learnt 5 things I didn’t know – including the ‘courage pill’” – SF

“It has helped me to understand things a little bit in my business” – JT

“It has reminded me of the importance of focusing on what’s important in moving the business forward” – MB

“It is always good to deal with motivated people of a similar mindset and challenges” – LP

“What I liked best was that local people are offering what I have done out of town previously” – Anonymous